‘Have Faith In This President,’ Says Pence To Latinos In Florida

Jan 17, 2020

When it comes to courting Hispanic voters, Vice President Mike Pence might seem an unlikely candidate to serve as President Donald Trump’s top liaison. But while he isn’t bilingual, the deeply religious, born-again Pence speaks a language that matters: religion.

And so, wearing his faith on his tailored sleeve, Pence stood inside a Spanish-language church outside of Orlando on Thursday and gave a speech that book-ended talk of jobs, immigration, and military might with calls for those “who bow the head and bend the knee” to deliver another four years in office to Trump.

“This president has stood up for jobs and opportunities but also stood up for the values and faith and freedom of people in the Latino community like no one else,” Pence said from the fabric-draped stage of Nación de Fe in Kissimmee. “And we’ve stood for religious freedom at home and all across the world.”

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