Heard On Sundial: COVID-19 Death Data, Portraits Of Frontline Workers And ICE Transfers Detainees

May 11, 2020

On this Monday, May 11, episode of Sundial: 

State Officials Stopped Releasing COVID-19 Death Data Compiled By Florida’s Medical Examiner

The Tampa Bay Times recently reported that the death count for COVID-19, provided by state medical examiners, was 10 percent higher than the numbers provided by the Florida Department of Health. 

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The Florida Medical Examiners Commission was releasing up-to-date data, but now state officials have stopped the releasing of that list and are providing their own numbers.


Sundial host Luis Hernandez spoke with deputy investigations editor for the Tampa Bay Times Kathleen McGrory about the discrepancies between the state list and the medical examiners' list. 

Miami Herald Photographers Capture The Portraits Of COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Thousands of doctors, nurses and janitors continue to risk their health every day heading into work inside hospitals across South Florida.

Through a series of photographs taken at these hospitals, Miami Herald photographers Jose Iglesias and Matias Ocner set out to tell the stories of the men and women, with an intimate look at their faces.

Sundial spoke to Iglesias and Ocner about what it was like to capture these photographs and the stories they heard. 

ICE Transfers Detainees To Other Facilities To Control Coronavirus Spread

A growing concern throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been the spread of COVID-19 in immigration detention centers.

U.S. District Judge Marcia G. Cooke recommended that immigration officials reduce the number of detainees at three South Florida detention centers. Stating that the facilities were to, “accelerate the release process for non-criminal detainees.” 

She called ICE treatment of these detainees cruel and unusual punishment.

But last week, Cooke agreed to allow U.S. immigration officials to transfer some detainees to other detention centers, rather than release them. 

The Miami Herald’s immigration reporter Monique O. Madan has been following this story and she spoke with Sundial's Luis Hernandez.