'He's A Great Boss': Trump National Doral Yoga Instructor Explains Why He Backs The Candidate

Nov 4, 2016


Here's someone who has a unique perspective on Donald Trump: a yoga instructor at Trump National Doral.


Joey Corona, 59, has taught yoga at the presidential candidate's resort for 16 years -- since before Trump bought the place. He attended Trump's rally on Wednesday at Bayfront Park in Miami, and said he supports Trump because of the candidate's "approachable" management style and the care he shows his employees.


"I watched the whole transition from the old owners to the Trump organization," Corona said. "The first thing he did was he took care of the employees. He built a huge lounge, which included very good food, low-cost meals, comfortable sitting area. Miami’s hot -- people need a break from being out in the sun, especially at a golf resort."


And that's not all. Corona said when Trump's in town, "He talks to all the employees all the time. And I see him interact because he wants to know -- on the ground floor -- what’s going on."


Corona said he came to the rally because he wanted to see how many people showed up at Trump's rallies and verify that media reports match the actual crowd turnout. He estimated there were 4,000 to 5,000 people at the event. That's in comparison with 7,500 people who attended Hillary Clinton's Bayfront Park rally with Jennifer Lopez on Saturday.


"I'd heard from someone who volunteered that this was only two days' notice for this event," Corona said. "I think it would have been a lot larger if there would have been more of a buildup to this."


Citing "Blacks for Trump" and "Latinos for Trump" signs, Corona said the rally showed Trump has "support across the board" and that the diversity of the candidate's support is not being reported by some media outlets.



A Donald Trump supporter at the Bayfront Park rally. People in the crowd also held signs saying "Blacks for Trump" and "Trump Presidente."
Credit Kyle Holsten / WLRN

Beyond management style, Corona said one of Trump's strengths is his comprehensive approach to immigration reform.


"I'm all for allowing people to come here legally and securing our borders," Corona said. He said Trump does a better job than Democratic candidates of outlining immigration reform plans, most notably a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.


"If he gets elected and he really wants to know the support he has behind him to build the wall, he should just take donations on day one," Corona said. "He'll get enough money to build the wall in 24 hours."


"[I'm] quite proud to work for him, to be honest," Corona added. "I love my job. He’s a great boss. I take full advantage of the opportunities he’s provided for us out there."


Trump also spoke this week in Jacksonville, Orlando and Pensacola. His running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, is scheduled to speak Friday in Miami.