Hitler's Downfall

Oct 28, 2018

8pm DARK CHARISMA OF ADOLF HITLERHistory - Hitler tries to retain power when the Germans start to lose the war.

No one else so changed the state of the world and left behind such a wake of ruins as Adolf Hitler. Yet crucially, the way in which Hitler led the Nazi party has not received the attention that it deserves - how and why so many people followed Hitler, ultimately to the destruction of their own country.

 The concluding episode in this three-part series reveals how Hitler tried to maintain his charismatic appeal in his final years. In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler made ambitious boasts about what lay ahead for the German nation, and in the beginning, the war went well for Germany. Hitler led the German army into a series of stunning victories, but as the war progressed, the successes stopped coming. Faith in Hitler's charismatic appeal, once so strong, became fractured, and yet Hitler still managed to cling to power until the Red Army were just yards away from his bunker in Berlin.

9pm WORLD WAR II: Price of Empire - History of the Second World War

UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER - Late in 1944 the leaders are meeting again, this time at Yalta and this time to discuss reconstruction after the victory that now seems inevitable. A firestorm is unleashed on Tokyo and carpet bombing destroys Dresden, Iwo Jima and the Battle of the Bulge are desperate last attempts to hold back the tide but it is irresistible. As Russian troops enter Berlin, Hitler commits suicide and the Third Reich accepts unconditional surrender. The War in the West ends with VE Day. 

 10pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - This series uncovers the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever.


THE SS - One of the most terrifying cults the world has seen, the SS has humble beginnings as Hitler’s personal bodyguard. But under the leadership of it Heinrich Himmler it becomes a terrifying cult that engineers Hitler’s vision for a new Germany and an Aryan race. The SS is responsible for the creation of the concentration camps that will become the sites of mass murder.