How Education Figures Into The Presidential Race

Oct 12, 2012

On this week's show: we focus on education and compare the policies of the presidential candidates.  

President Obama and Mitt Romney agree on issues such as paying teachers based on student performance.  The main difference between the two is on the question of vouchers.  

Funding for schools was a major part of the conversation at NPR's Tell Me More forum on education, says StateImpact Florida reporter Sarah Gonzalez.   The achievement gap among students was highlighted in the Florida State Board of Education's strategic plan, approved this week, which sets disparate academic targets for each racial group.  

In politics this week, Palm Beach County again made headlines for its absentee ballot snafu, where 60,000 ballots were missing a section heading. The botched question asks voters whether to retain three state Supreme Court justices.  The judges are currently under attack by the state GOP.  

Republican U.S. Congressman David Rivera is on the offense with two new TV ads, one in Spanish and one in English, with very different messages.  

Univision and ABC make Miami their home for a new 24-hour English-language news network.  

We also hear a firsthand account from a journalist who went to New Orleans to vote in Venezuela's presidential election, won by Hugo Chavez. 

Our panelists: Arian Campo-Flores of the Wall Street Journal and Patricia Mazzei and Laura Isensee of the Miami Herald.