How Obama and Romney Differ On U.S. Relations With Cuba And Haiti

Oct 22, 2012

There's one more presidential debate left, and it takes place in the most crucial swing state of them all.  Host Phil Latzman along with panel of journalists, politicians and an academic discuss U.S. foreign policy and domestic issues important to Florida voters.  

Panelists Marc Caputo of The Miami Herald, Helen Ferré of Univision Radio and WPBT, and Ken Rudin of NPR begin with a look at when Florida became the "purple state" with 29 electoral votes -  more than 10% of what's needed to win the presidency.  Yet issues like immigration and relations with Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela - which may have a direct impact on our state - are not on the foreign policy agenda in this presidential election.  News of the end of Cuba's exit visa requirement puts into question the long-term feasibility of the policy allowing Cubans a path to citizenship, known colloquially as the wet-foot/dry-foot policy.  

In the second hour of the show, U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch, former U.S. Congressman Mark Foley, and Lynn University Professor of American Studies Robert Watson focus on domestic issues. In particular: the panel discusses the economy, healthcare, and the effect of Citizens United on the political dialogue in this election.  

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