How WLRN Will Celebrate 'Everglades Day' Throughout April

Apr 5, 2013

On Sunday, April 7th, Florida will celebrate its first official “Everglades Day.” Established by the Florida Legislature, Everglades Day honors South Florida’s unique wetland ecosystem, the wild inhabitants who live there and all the passionate Floridians working to conserve this magical place.

As a tribute, WLRN will run a month-long TV and radio series entitled, "Guardians of the Everglades" which will profile people from a variety of different backgrounds but who are bound by a common desire to save our state's national treasure for future generations.

 These Guardians include an energetic conservationist working with roseate spoonbills in Florida Bay, a worldly environmentalist with a passion for parks, a dedicated water expert focused on Everglades restoration projects and an airboat guide with a unique take on what makes the Everglades special.

 Special thanks to the Everglades Foundation, Audubon Florida, the National Parks Conservation Association and the Chilton Trust. Television segments are produced by Katie Carpenter. Radio segments are produced by Patricia Sagastume.

 Here is a preview: