How Would You Fix Miami's Traffic Woes? There's $100,000 For The Best Idea

Jun 13, 2018

You may have given up on any hope of solving Miami's endless traffic woes. But one American auto giant has not.

Ford announced Wednesday it has chosen Miami-Dade as the second destination for its "City of Tomorrow Challenge" (yes, in this case it should be "county") with the goal of soliciting complaints from residents, along with suggestions about how to solve Miami's profound traffic problems.

The Challenge will encourage residents to register their local travel concerns via an online portal. Over the next few weeks, Ford will hold a series of discussions about the information it has gathered. The most promising solution proposed will be backed with a $100,000 grant from Ford, AT&T, Dell, and Microsoft, which are co-sponsoring the program.

If you think the last thing Miami needs is more traffic talk, program director John Kwant, Ford's Vice President for City Solutions, understands. Even he was skeptical when Ford rolled out early versions of the Challenge program in Detroit and New York.

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