Hurricane Season in The Keys, Startups in South Florida and Narco Tours

May 30, 2018

Nancy Klingener covers the Florida Keys for WLRN. George Neugent is the Monroe city commissioner. Stephanie Kaple is the director of the Florida Keys Outreach Coalition. Hurricane Season starts June 1 and Sundial talked to Kilngener, Neugent and Kaple about Monroe County post Irma, recovery efforts and preparedness for the upcoming season.

Maria Ilcheva is a senior researcher at the Metropolitan Center at Florida International University. According to a recent report from the center, “A growing number of Miami-Dade residents are experiencing declining economic opportunity, mobility, and equity.” Ilcheva joins Sundial to discuss the data gathered from the report and what it means to the small business/start-up scene in the city.

Jorge Carraballo Cordovez is a reporter for NPR’s Spanish podcast, Radio Ambulante. He is based in Medellin, Colombia. Carraballo recently went on a “Narco Tour,” a tour that visits all the most famous landmarks related to drug lord Pablo Escobar. He joins Sundial to talk about his experience and what he discovered in the Narco Tours.