The Journey Continues

Oct 15, 2013

The journey continues for the Tarpon Springs High School Leadership Conservatory for the Arts on their quest to march for Macy’s.  In the last several months, I have had the privilege of documenting the progress of these fine young leaders who are the most dedicated, meticulous, and artistically driven individuals to ever cross my path.   Along with their talent and ambition for overall success, they are embarking on what could be one of the most noteworthy moments in their lives, performing at the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City before millions of people.  

On my most recent visit to Tarpon Springs, I got to spend some “Quality Time” with various members of the ensemble and community leaders.  I also had the chance to really experience the beautiful city of Tarpon Springs, a unique town founded by Greek sponge divers.  I am truly inspired by this marching band and this city, so much so that I am calling myself a “sponger”.  

If you’ve never been to Tarpon, I urge you to check it out; you WILL fall in love with this charming little city.  As for experiencing this superior marching band, you and the rest of America can witness greatness at the most iconic event of all time, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.    Stay tuned…