Key West Takes On Iguanas, Hopes County And State Join In

Jul 12, 2019

Key West is taking on the island's abundant wild iguana population. They're everywhere, including city-owned property, from the old landfill known as Mount Trashmore to the historic cemetery in the center of the island. 

Twice a month, a city contractor uses a 14-foot pole with a noose to catch 40 to 50 of the lizards and remove them from city property.

They're sent north where they can end up as pets or as food for zoos — but where it's too cold for them to survive in the wild if they escape.

The City Commission is set to vote on a resolution calling on other public entities to get rid of iguanas on state and county land within Key West limits.

It’s legal to own and buy iguanas as pets, but the state encourages private property owners to humanely kill wild iguanas on their land.