Key West's New Mayor, Live From The 305 & A South Florida Holiday Food Panel

Dec 20, 2018

In November, Teri Johnston became the first openly gay woman elected mayor in a major city in Florida -- in Key West. Johnston has lived in Key West for 20 years and will also become Key West’s first female mayor since the 90s. Johnston joined Sundial to talk about her priorities as mayor and the significance of her election for the LGBTQ rights movement in Florida. Many listener questions were asked during the interview.


This week in our music series Live from the 305, we meet Soulpax. The modern R&B duo has been playing in Miami for a number of years. They’re also teachers at Miami Music Works and School of Rock Miami, where they train a new generation of musicians. We spoke with guitarist Julian Harris and vocalist Julia Camayd about the evolution of the music scene in South Florida and where they want to take the band. Watch their live performance at the WLRN studios here.

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Lastly, South Florida celebrates the holiday with a diverse array of foods. Starex Smith, aka The Hungry Black Man; Kathy Ann Paul, Trinidadian owner of Sweet Hand Kathy bakery in Miami Gardens; and Miami Herald's Carlos Frias joined Sundial to discuss the treats South Florida's diverse communities are enjoying this season.