Knight Foundation Announces New $500,000 Grant To Boost Performing Arts In Miami

Jun 26, 2018

Miami-based Knight Foundation has announced it’s investing $500,000 dollars in a new grant to commission innovative new works of performance art to premiere in Miami during the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons.

Dancers, singers, musicians or playwrights with a strong connection to Miami, as well as arts organizations based in Miami-Dade County in partnerships with artists,  will be able to apply to the Knight New Work Miami grant. They will have to show how the Magic City influenced their art and the performance has to premiere in Miami. 

Victoria Rogers, vice president for the arts at Knight Foundation, says this new project is positioning Miami as a creative hub for artists.

"It will provide artists focused on performing arts the opportunity to advance their practice. And what we are hoping is this is just another way to really highlight, push forward and encourage more people to stay here to create their art," said Rogers.

South Florida’s art scene has been largely expanded thanks to the Knight Foundation. Over the last 10 years, it had invested more than $125 million dollars to finance 350 local art projects.

Performers have until the end of August to apply. Winners will be announced on Dec. 3. 

Artists can apply here.