Lake Worth To Transform Into Outdoor Museum To Show How Art is Created

Oct 17, 2017

Lake Worth is preparing for a colorful transformation.

Street artists from around the world are getting ready to paint, sculpt and sketch public spaces in downtown Lake Worth.

The city will be the site of this year’s CANVAS Outdoor Museum show Nov. 26-Dec. 2. Billed as the nation’s largest outdoor museum, the week-long event aims to transform city streets into a space for world-class art.

The event’s founder, Nicole Henry, said this year’s show is all about the love.

“This year the theme is going to be unity and how art brings us all together,” Henry said.

This is the third year for the show. It was previously held in West Palm Beach.

The event blends well with the art-first image Lake Worth city leaders have gotten behind.

“It’s organic. It’s here,” said Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein. “We have a saying, ‘If you want a museum piece, go to Worth Avenue in Palm Beach and buy it. But if you want to see where it's made, come to Lake Worth.’ ”

The city is working with the Community Redevelopment Agency and the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County to finalize its Arts & Culture Master Plan — the first of its kind in the county.