Lieutenant Governor Visits PortMiami For Update On Tunnel Progress

Feb 28, 2014

Credit Port of Miami Tunnel

Sometimes it seems like construction projects around South Florida never end. One major project, however, is getting close. Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera visited PortMiami this week to tour the tunnel being built there. He says in about 80 days, your commute downtown could get a little shorter.

Construction of the Port of Miami Tunnel Project started back in 2010. The tunnel will provide a direct connection between PortMiami and highways via Watson Island to I-395. This will force large, oversized trucks underground and off surface streets, which Lopez-Cantera says should ultimately ease traffic congestion downtown.

"[Trucks are] probably using the same route you use to get here, over the bridge," Lopez-Cantera says. "It would get them off the surface roads and into the Port without impacting downtown traffic by using the tunnel."

Project deadlines are very strict, so Lopez-Cantera says tunnel construction is both on schedule and on budget. This is partly due to the over-deadline penalty of $124,000 every day the project is late, which builders are trying to avoid.

Lopez-Cantera says once the tunnel opens on May 19, drivers can expect a shorter commute.

"The residents around here will hopefully see less traffic congestion," Lopez-Cantera says." "[They'll see] more... regular cars rather than the huge trucks you've seen downtown ever since the Port has been here."