Lifehacks And Recommendations For Living Right Now

Mar 15, 2020

The novel coronavirus has upended our lives. Here are some stories that we hope will help you cope:

Why is all this happening? To try and stop the spread of the virus. So we all need to make our spaces as clean as possible: The New Coronavirus Can Live On Surfaces For 2-3 Days. Here's How To Clean Them

The simple act of going to the grocery store and bringing supplies back into your home has suddenly became a fraught experience. Here's how to shop safely.

People who don't usually work from home suddenly are: Here are 8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work For You.

And while it's safer for everyone, working alone can be isolating - some companies that have a lot of farflung staff have some experience with that: Virtual Happy Hour Anyone? Working From Home But Keeping Connected

You don't just work at home. You live there! And sometimes you need a break. WLRN staff put together a list of resources to for ways to stay occupied without busting your budget - eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies and more from your South Florida libraries, and some podcast recommendations from our staff: Are You Social Distancing? Here's How To Keep Yourself Busy

Lots of cultural institutions, from Ultra to local cinemas, are putting content online to enrich and entertain you while you're staying safer at home: Social Distancing Entertainment: Ultra Virtual Audio Festival, Virtual Movie Theaters And More

If you are new to TV streaming — or even if you aren't — the options can be overwhelming. NPR's Eric Deggans has a guide as part of NPR's Life Kit series to help you out with that: Stuck Inside? Here's Your TV Streaming Strategy

Those Life Kit episodes offer all kinds of help on topics from diet to exercise to ... coping with life the coronavirus. You can find them all online here and you can also subscribe to them however you get your podcasts, either as a single stream or broken out by topic.

It can be hard to focus, even on a book or a movie, in a time of anxiety. Maybe what you really need is a playlist to help you chill. NPR's music staff has got you covered: Isle of Calm: Stream 6 Hours Of Soothing Music or, if you prefer your music in smaller bites, 5 Tiny Desk Concerts to Calm Your Mind