The Longest Line On Election Day Was For Cinnamon Rolls

Nov 8, 2016

While some Americans were in line at the polls today, some other people spent Election Day in a longer line... for cinnamon rolls.

There was a two-hour wait for Knaus Berry Farm’s beloved cinnamon rolls on Election Day morning. Some of the people in line came after waiting in another line at their voting precincts.

Clint Harris expected long lines at the polls but said he walked right in and out of West Homestead Elementary when he went to vote at 7:30 a.m..

Clint Harris waits in line for cinnamon rolls after casting his vote for Hillary Clinton. Harris is a registered Republican.
Credit Lisann Ramos

Harris figured he’d have enough time to grab cinnamon rolls before heading into work. He also found the rolls to be a fitting breakfast for today. 

"This election is sticky, like the cinnamon rolls," said Harris.

A group of girls in line had the day off because their school, John A. Ferguson High, is a voting site.

The girls spent a good chunk of their two-hour wait talking about the many issues of this election, even though none of them are old enough to vote.

“The fact that we don’t have as much of a say is kind of ridiculous because I feel like everybody’s futures is gonna be in our hands eventually because we’re the children of right now,” said high-schooler Chloe Basallo. “The president for the next four years. We’re gonna be the ones who have to deal with whatever they do to us.”

(From left to right) Chloe Basallo, Sharon Castro, Taylor Rojas, Emily Ortega, Sofia Larzabal, Paola Morales, Antonella Maltese, Juliet Rojas and Mariana Gómez spent the last 40 minutes of their wait in line discussing abortion, the economy, feminism, politics, the media and even religion.
Credit Lisann Ramos

Lucy Rump waited the line with her 7-year old daughter, who also accompanied her to the polls earlier in the morning.

When asked what it was like to go with her mother to vote, the little girl said it was “weird”. She clearly enjoyed this line more, mainly because of the smell of the cinnamon rolls.