Miami Approves $1 Billion Budget That Includes Rent Subsidies, More Code Enforcement

Sep 27, 2019

Miami commissioners on Thursday unanimously approved a $1 billion spending plan that includes new rent subsidies for low-income seniors, park improvements and surveillance cameras to combat illegal dumping.

The commission met Thursday afternoon, getting a later than usual start on the day’s business after people from across Miami-Dade’s civic landscape attended a memorial and funeral mass for former Miami mayor Maurice Ferré, who died last week. Commissioners spent several hours hashing out the details of the budgets for physical improvements to public properties and the city’s overall operation.

Miami commissioners, who are elected by voters in their respective districts, often say they represent the whole city — particularly when it’s politically expedient, such as when they want to override a district’s commissioner on a vote. During budget season, when a pot of funding is available, commissioners switch their tune so they can bring more money back to their neighborhoods.

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