Miami Beach Police Chief, CNN reporter Leyla Santiago & FIU Childhood Success Study

Jul 18, 2018

Daniel Oates is the Miami Beach Police Chief. He has been following an ongoing story about a Miami Beach resident who was trying to burn down his condo unit. The resident claimed he wanted to kill all the Jews in the building. Chief Oates joins Sundial to tell us about the investigation and explain a new policy that stations police officers at schools in Miami-Dade for the upcoming school year.

CNN's Latin America correspondent Leyla Santiago has been covering Puerto Rico since the hurricane made landfall on the island. It has been 10 months since Hurricane Maria and Puerto Ricans on the island are still trying to recover. Last week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released their after-action report that summarized their performance during the hurricane. It showed many shortcomings and failures. The report also stated that the official estimate of the death toll remained at 64 but that the Puerto Rican government is continuing to review the fatality estimate. Santiago joins Sundial to talks about her extensive Puerto Rico coverage.

A massive 10-year study coming out of Florida International University called ABCD Study is enlisting 9- and 10-year-old participants to study cognitive development and childhood success. It examines the fundamental questions parents ask themselves every day: What will lead to my child’s success? Is it the schools they go to, where they live, their friends, how much time they’re in front of screens? And what about their biology and brain development? Dr. Raul Gonzalez is leading the research and joined Sundial to answer those questions. He was accompanied by Jeff Hacman, who signed up his kid for the program.