Miami Dade College Board Chair Expects 'Civility' As Presidential Search Moves Forward

Aug 28, 2019

The chair of Miami Dade College's board of trustees has a message for people who attend the next meeting: Behave.

Bernie Navarro released a statement ahead of Thursday morning's meeting at the college's Wolfson campus in downtown Miami asking community members to "maintain professionalism, decorum and protocol."

"Civility is paramount to making progress on the issues facing Miami Dade College, an institution we all cherish and highly respect," Navarro said.

The board, which includes a majority of members newly appointed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, plans to outline next steps for the institution's stalled presidential search. The meeting comes just days before current President Eduardo Padrón is set to retire.

Navarro's warning about "civility" likely refers to a late-May meeting when a rowdy crowd of faculty members booed during trustees' discussion about whether to change the requirements for the job and cheered when their union's attorney urged the board to leave politics out of the search process.

The faculty union sued in July after the board voted to scrap the search process altogether.

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