Miami International Airport Workers Strike for Better Hours, Pay, and Safety

Jul 21, 2016

If you are scheduled to take a flight from Miami International Airport this Friday, you should check with your airline for delays. Services are expected to be affected by a 24 hours strike declared Thursday morning by the subcontractors of Triangle Services, who are complaining about irregular work hours without overtime pay or benefits, as well as dangerous working conditions, most of which stem from faulty equipment.


 Workers with the SEIU labor union held a rally Thursday morning at the airport with several local politicians, and subsequently marched along the main thoroughfare of Terminal E, chanting and holding signs as they went.


Marshall Rodriguez, a ramp worker at the airport, says working conditions at MIA are dismal.


“We don’t got nothin’," the older Rodriguez says. "They’re treating us like dogs, really.”


The strike is expected to conclude Friday morning. The union says this is the first of many strikes.


A spokesperson for Triangle Services in Miami declined to give comments on the action.