Miami Is Preparing For Climate Change. Critics Say Bureaucracy Almost Slowed It Down.

May 11, 2018

Facing strong opposition from climate-change groups, Miami on Thursday backed down from a change critics said would undermine the city's quest to position itself as the shining example of how a city should prepare for climate change.

Multiple commissioners and a host of activists were worried a change to the city's leadership structure could send the public and other governments the wrong message about how seriously the city is taking climate change. They feared that high-level planning decisions and big-ticket projects across the city wouldn't get the necessary input from the staffers with expertise.

Detractors also worried the city might be at risk of losing $350,000 provided by 100 Resilient Cities, a Rockefeller Foundation program that funded the creation of the resilience office more than a year ago, as well as the ability to tap the program's international network of resources.

As part of a staff reorganization, City Manager Emilio Gonzalez wanted to combine the office of resilience, made up of the chief resilience officer and four staffers, with the public works department.

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