More Cheeks On Seats Of South Florida's Public Transit

Mar 12, 2014

More people are riding on South Florida's public transportation.
Credit Creative Commons / Flickr user interbeat

A new ridership report from the American Public Transportation Association says overall, more people are using public transportation in South Florida than last year, specifically in Miami, West Palm Beach, and Pompano Beach.

In Miami, bus and MetroMover numbers were up from last year. Way up was the MetroRail ridership, which increased by 10 percent.

Another big bump was in Pompano Beach, which may seem like an unusual member of this party. Tri-rail is based in Pompano, and the study looked the biggest transportation systems across the country. So their 17-percent increase includes all Tri-Rail riders, not just those in Pompano.

Ft. Lauderdale was the one exception in South Florida -- its ridership went down.

But overall, South Florida ridership grew more than the national average.

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