New Bill Will Use Social Media To Find Gun Owners; Fort Lauderdale Sewage Spills; Sundial Book Club

Feb 11, 2020

On this Tuesday, Feb. 11, episode of Sundial:

New Bill Will Use Social Media To Find Gun Owners

A bill being considered this legislative session would allow police to arrest juveniles and charge them with misdemeanors if they post photos of themselves on social media with illegal firearms. The leading voice on the bill is state Sen. Jason Pizzo, a Miami Democrat and former assistant state attorney. He filed the bill, which has garnered support from the Senate’s gun-rights supporters, and opposition from the NRA. In Florida, it’s against the law for anyone under age 18 to possess a firearm unless they’re hunting with an adult. Mary Ellen Klas, the Tallahassee bureau chief for the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times, has been reporting on the issue. She joins Sundial to discuss it further.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor on Sewage Pipe Breaks

For the past several months, the city of Fort Lauderdale has been struggling with sewer breaks, resulting in one of the largest sewage spills in South Florida. “The frequency of the sewage breaks is alarming. I’m not sure why that is,” Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis says on Sundial. Last weekend, there were two more water breaks. Residents received boil water notices and some have been exposed to raw sewage. Trantalis speaks to Sundial about efforts the city is taking to combat the issue.

Sundial Book Club: Cat Tale

The Sundial Book Club this month is reading “Cat Tale: The Wild, Weird Battle to Save the Florida Panther'' by Craig Pittman, a Tampa Bay Times environmental reporter. The book details how the Florida panther almost became extinct and features interviews with a few of the key figures who helped save the species from extinction. Pittman appeared Saturday at Books and Books in Coral Gables, where he joined Sundial to discuss the book. Here’s where you can join the Sundial Book Club.