New original stories premiering soon

Aug 28, 2018

Your South Florida Storyteller station has done it again! WLRN is always working on bringing you interesting local stories that inspire, educate and entertain you. 

Here's what's in the WLRN original production pipeline and ready for air this month.  First we feature two in depth stories about the animals in need and what's being done to save them.  

Thursday September 13th at 7:30pm 

Following at 7:38pm 

  • Cats Cradle- Two retirees from Lutz Florida transform their 1920s farmhouse into a hospice and retirement facility for cats.

Then WLRN introduces a new series of short films about the darker side of the Sunshine State.  

Series premiere Tuesday September 18th following DEATH IN PARADISE.   

Since the latter part of the 19th century, people have flocked to Florida looking for adventure and opportunity. Out of this vast untamed swamp land came a tropical oasis so seductive it's nickname became The Magic City casting a spell on all things good and evil.  From pioneers with shady business deals to the iron fists of mob bosses and from corrupt politicians to rogue drug dealers, South Florida has had its share of dubious deadbeats. These are stories of the darker side of the Sunshine State as we delve into the complicated, yet fascinating past of South Florida from Crime to Crime.   

Tuesday September 18th at 8:55pm

  • THE CASE OF THE CLINKING BRASSIERES - The tale of a 1950's theft ring in which women from Miami's Southern Bell Telephone Company would stash rolls of quarters in their bra.  

The Case of the Clinking Brassieres

Tuesday September 25th at 8:55pm 

  • PREDICTIONS OF AN ASSASSINATION - Shortly after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, it was revealed that the conspiracy was predicted in perfect detail two weeks prior to an undercover police informant in a downtown Miami hotel.    



President John F. Kennedy gives speech in Miami to the Inter-American press Association November 18th, 1963
Credit Wolfson Archives

Tuesday October 2nd at 8:55 pm

  • THE 305 GOES 007 - Suburban secret agents have been in South Florida since World War II.  From Nazi spies to Cuban spies, learn who's been watching us and sharing our secrets.  



The 305 Goes 007

 Don't miss these and all the other great stories every night on your storyteller station WLRN-TV.