Not So 'Despacito' : Miami Ranks #5 In Most Stressful Cities In The U.S.

Jul 18, 2017

If you live in Miami and feel stressed because of the traffic and the high cost of living and your declining health, well take heart, this is a stressful place to live.

That's according to the personal finance website It just came out with its list of the 150 most and least stressful cities in the U.S. And the Magic City ain't so magic, at least when it comes to stress.

After factoring 30 key metrics like commutes, weekly work hours, affordable housing, poverty rates, divorce rates and health, Miami came in as the nation's fifth most stressed out city. Only Jackson, Mississippi (#4); Cleveland (#3); Detroit (#2), and Newark (#1) were worse. 

Here's the map with the 150 cities designated in a gradient of colors from very stressed (dark purple) to least stressed (light blue). 

Source: WalletHub

Other Florida cities listed include Hialeah at #18; Orlando, #35; Jacksonville, #66; Tallahassee, #95, and Saint Petersburg, #106. Fort Lauderdale hit at #108, Port St Lucie came in at #130, Cape Coral was #136 and Pembroke Pines was #139.

You can see the list of the 150 cities in the study here