NY Times Tells Us What A Florida Thanksgiving Tastes Like

Nov 25, 2014

Bored with the same old cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes? How about Mojo Turkey, black beans and plantains?
Credit Andrew Scrivani for the New York Times

Mango? How about Key lime? If you want this year's Thanksgiving Day table to include the tastes and aromas that practically scream "Florida," which would you choose?

NY Times Food Editor Sam Sifton and his team wanted to see how Thanksgiving dishes varied from state to state across the country. 

Taking the ingredients they felt best represented each of the 50 states (they included Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico), Sifton and company compiled "The United States of Thanksgiving.”

Sifton’s signature dish for Florida this year?  Mojo Turkey, traditional Thanksgiving fare served with a Cuban flair.

The NY Times reached out to professional chefs and home cooks on social media to compile their recipes.  Sifton wasn’t surprised to see “stone crab” suggested as Florida’s go-to dish for Thanksgiving.

“The flavors of the state can’t be contained to one area,” says Sifton.  “For every person who thinks, ‘Mojo Turkey. That sounds good,’ there are many people upstate who think of more Southern flavors.”