O Orange, O Empanada, O Jarritos: Poems About How South Florida Eats

Dec 21, 2017

Food is such a part of how we relate to where we're from, where we live, our heritage and our discoveries along the way. Earlier this year, we asked you to send us your Edible Odes, poems about the food in your life, for our annual project with the O, Miami Poetry Festival.  (Portion size: 4o words or fewer.)

Then we got together at Vizcaya Village in Miami to celebrate these poems and listen to them read by the poets who wrote them.  

You can listen to some of the poems from that night here, and you can click through the slideshow above to see photos from the event and read some of the poems below. You can also read more entries at the Edible Odes Tumblr


Judith Frankel, Mangos

Andrew Baldwin, Sunday Service at Versailles
Steven Shower, Nacatamal