One Man's Gun Control Timeline: Riots, Hurricane Wilma, And A Late-Night Visitor

Apr 12, 2013

1969.  Seventh grade.  School trip to an amusement park.  While sitting with a friend in a shaded and secluded spot, I was surrounded by 5 or 6 kids who demanded our ride tickets.  When I stood to my 6-foot-2-inch frame and invited them to try and take my tickets, they decided to pick on someone else.

Gleason: "From birth until death you are responsible for you own safety."

1975.  A high-school football linebacker decided to test the band major in the boys’ locker room.  Football linebacker had a sore nose.  Band major was unscathed.

1980.  While driving in Miami I heard of riots over the radio.  Dozens of people were killed or injured, many for simply being white and unarmed.  I realized that I could have been one of the victims.

1988.  In my 32nd year, I fired a gun for the first time.

1989.  The Supreme Court of the United States held that the “Due Process Clause does not generally impose upon the state an affirmative obligation to protect its citizens from harm inflicted by private individuals.” Bought first gun.

1990. Anchored off Elliot Key.  Around midnight my wife woke me up because she heard a small vessel approaching.  Above-decks with a shiny Smith & Wesson 357 revolver, inquired why two young gentlemen were attempting to board.  They apologized, made some lame excuse why they were traveling at high speed, at midnight, seven miles from shore, and went on their way.

2005.  Hurricane Wilma. Pandemonium. Secure and protected in my household and my office.

Conclusion. The world is a dangerous place.  From birth until death you are responsible for you own safety. You can’t dial 911 for protection.  The police arrive in time to call the ambulance.

Kevin C Gleason is a bankruptcy attorney practicing through Florida Bankruptcy Group in Hollywood.

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