Paraguayan Extradited To Miami For Key Role In Huge Money Laundering Schemes, Feds Say

Jun 21, 2019

A Paraguayan businessman accused of moving hundreds of millions of dollars around the globe for drug traffickers and other criminals with suspected links to the terrorist group Hezbollah was extradited Thursday to Miami to face money laundering charges in the United States.

Nader Mohamad Farhat, operator of one of the biggest currency exchange businesses in the Tri-Border Area of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, has his first appearance in Miami federal court Friday to decide whether he will face money laundering charges in Miami or in New York.

Farhat is perhaps the biggest U.S. target ever to be extradited from the Paraguayan hub, which federal authorities consider a giant washing machine for Latin American drug profits, knockoff consumer goods and terrorist fund-raising.

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