Political suicide or so it seems

Aug 26, 2018

8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama 

POLITCAL SUICIDE - It is believed that Saint Marie's commerce minister committed suicide, as he had left a suicide note before his death, but the angle of the gun wound suggests that he was murdered. Humphrey looks into the minister's death and learns that he had an affair with his aide, Lena. When Lena is interviewed in the presence of her godfather, Martin, by Humphrey and Camille, it is revealed that Martin is Camille's father, who deserted her when she was six.

9pm WEST OF THE WEST: Tales from California's Channel Islands - Documentary 

Introduced by Joe Walsh of the legendary band The Eagles, and told from the view point of the native people who’ve inhabited and experienced the Channel Islands, the three-part documentary series explores the history, geography, archaeology and biology of the eight islands off the California coast. 

RETURN - features four segments, one of which includes the struggle between environmentalists and Channel Islands National Park and Nature Conservancy naturalists who endeavor to restore the islands to their native state. It also charts the relationship between Dr. Carey Stanton, who owned Santa Cruz Island, and musician Joe Walsh. They struck up an unusual bond that led to Walsh putting on an Eagle's concert to help raise money for the Nature Conservancy's purchase of Santa Cruz Island. Also included is an archeological discovery related to the "Lone Woman," the inspiration behind the Island of the Blue Dolphins and the Chumash tradition of annual timely voyages to their ancestral home on Santa Cruz Island.