Politico Florida's Matt Dixon Explains Scandals In Fl. Capitol; Cuban Wide Receiver Talks Football

Nov 29, 2017

Today on Sundial: Political parties in Florida are in turmoil. Over the past months, many sexual scandals and harassment settlements have come to light in Tallahassee. Matt Dixon, bureau chief of Politico Florida, joins the conversation on the sleazy side of Florida’s politicians.

Dixon and his team have broken a number of stories in  recent weeks about sexual harassment problems that plague the state Capitol. Recently, the Associated Press reported that Florida has spent more than $11 million to settle sexual harassment claims over the last 30 years. The agencies involved in the report range from the Florida Department of Corrections to state universities.

Tune in to hear more about the fallout from the recent sexual harassment cases in Tallahassee and how it will impact the political parties of the state.

Carlos Alvarez, “The Cuban Comet,” was a prolific wide receiver with the University of Florida in the 1970’s. As a Cuban immigrant, Alvarez used football as a platform to “become an American.”

He used his size and ability to thrive on the football field and in life. Football afforded him the opportunity to find his American identity and continue his education. To this day, many of the receiving records he set at UF remain unbroken. All of this coming from a guy who did not understand the sport and played it to fit in with his non-Spanish speaking friends.  

Hear about Alvarez’ experience of using football as the foundation for his success on Tuesday’s program of Sundial.