Preserving Natural Land In Palm Beach County, Haitian Migration To Chile & The Impact Of Losing TPS

Mar 14, 2018

Guests for Sundial Tuesday, March 13 2018:

Scott Zucker , vice president of Audubon Everglades, called in from a Palm Beach County Commission meeting to discuss efforts to preserve the 37 areas of natural land in the county. He spoke about how he is asking lawmakers to set aside the necessary funding to maintain the areas and prevent them from being developed. 

Miami Herald reporter Jacqueline Charles has reported on the Haitian-Chilean connection. She joined the program to tell us why Haitians are flocking to Chile and provided insight into the type of lives the Haitians are experiencing there. 

With Temporary Protective Status being removed for some Central American countries and Haiti, tensions are high as recipients are uncertain about their future.  The executive director of Haitian Women of Miami or FAMN,  Marleine Bastien, joined the program to speak about the concerns of people about to lose their status.