Presidential Hopefuls Jockey For Florida

Mar 2, 2016

By now, their stump speeches are refined: They’ve got the jokes down, the stats memorized, and the crowds hyped. But as Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump rounded out their Super Tuesday in Florida—which did not hold its primary that day—it was clear that Florida was a powerful state, not just in the general election, but also in the primary to be held on March 15.

Marco Rubio rally at Tropical Park in Miami.
Credit Sammy Mack / WLRN

"The middle class needs a raise," said Clinton, "and more good jobs. Jobs that pay enough for a family to live on." It was a sentiment Donald Trump riffed on, saying, "We're going to lower taxes substantially for the middle class. The middle class has been forgotten in our country."

And Rubio spoke to his, and so many South Floridians,' immigrant experience: "Here in this community, we have all been shaped and raised by people who know how special America is because they know what life is like outside America."

But as people listen to the stump speeches of each candidate and pick one to vote for, what many don't realize is there's yet another election going on. There’s a layer of voting in between the primaries and the actual nominations at the conventions when delegates are chosen. It's an essential and incredibly below-the-radar process. And you can hear about it below:

Scroll through the collage below to give you a bit of the flavor of the different rallies held Tuesday night.


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