Remembering Andrew: Listen To The One-Hour Documentary

Aug 24, 2012

Today is the 20th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew in South Florida. The culmination of our “Remembering Andrew” project is our one hour documentary special, hosted by Kenny Malone and Alicia Zuckerman, with production help from Sammy Mack, Trina Sargalski and the entire WLRN-Miami Herald News team.

Credit Miami Herald

It is also be available for download as a podcast on iTunes, and for download and sharing on SoundCloud. We have plenty of photos and visuals to accompany the listening experience. Check out our “Remembering Andrew” Storify.

Listen to all of our “Remembering Andrew” radio stories and see photos and videos here.


Explosions in the Sky
The Dream and the Tunnel/
Nathan Johnson with the Cinematic Underground
Funny Face
Arrival of the Birds/
Cinematic Orchestra
Pin’s Lair/Nathan Johnson with the Cinematic Underground
One Last Bar
Somehow We Will Survive/Bruce Berman and Zach Ziskin