Rising Tide: Producer

Nov 13, 2012

Andrew Hevia

Andrew Hevia is a filmmaker from Miami. His films have been screened at festivals world wide, on the internet and on televisions across the country. Rising Tide is his first feature length documentary. He studied visual arts at the acclaimed New World School of the Arts, where he made experimental films and several narrative shorts.

A YoungArts winner for Cinematic Arts, he continued his studies at the School of Motion Pictures, Television and Recording Arts at Florida State University, a rigorous program that emphasized Hollywood style narrative filmmaking. Afterward graduating from film school, Andrew moved to San Francisco where he worked for the short film DVD magazine Wholphin. He returned to Miami and began working with the Borscht Corporation as a contributing member and producer for the Borscht Film Festival, a regional film event that commissions, solicits and produces a wide range of film projects by the city's most promising young filmmakers.