Ron DeSantis Unveils $91.3 Billion Budget. It Boosts Spending For Education, Environment

Feb 1, 2019

Gov. Ron DeSantis is proposing a boost in per-student spending, an overhaul in how the state rewards teachers, improvements to the state’s aging transportation network and more money to save the Everglades.

DeSantis unveiled his $91.3 billion budget proposal on Friday. Dubbed “Bold Vision for a Brighter Future,” DeSantis said his budget is basically to “keep it in line with last year.”

“Florida needs to remain a fiscally conservative state,” DeSantis said. “This is a budget that keeps in line with Florida being a low tax state.”

Yet the budget represents nearly a $4 billion increase over this year’s budget and 147 additional positions, a reflection, perhaps, to urgent needs throughout Florida, where a hurricane ravaged the Panhandle, school districts say they need help to comply with new security measures, and infrastructure needs abound.

DeSantis said he would emphasize education, the environment and infrastructure, while also providing more than $335 million in tax relief via a combination of breaks on property and sales taxes.

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