A Second Raccoon With Rabies Extends Alert In South Miami-Dade Area

Jul 5, 2018

A second raccoon in South Miami-Dade has tested positive for rabies — and that means part of the Southwest Miami-Dade suburbia will be on a rabies alert until Sept. 2, another 60 days.

The alert area is bounded by Southwest 152nd Street on the north, 187th Street on the south, 117th Avenue on the east and 137th Avenue to the west. That doesn't include the main campus of Florida International University, though one person tweeted that he walked past a classroom and saw a raccoon "inside just chillin' ... acting like he paid tuition."

The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade reminds people that animals with rabies can infect other animals that haven't had their rabies shots. Rabies shots are atop the rabies prevention list from the health department. You can read some other tips on how to prevent the disease at our news partner, the Miami Herald