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Jan 29, 2016

The Florida Connection

WLRN is South Florida's Storyteller station, telling intriguing stories of national importance with a Florida connection.  

In 1968 an unlikely candidate was elected President of the United States.  Find out how Florida played a pivotal role in the shifting political landscape that led to Nixon's success.

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In 1960, a young boxer named Cassius Clay came to Miami, determined to become world heavyweight champion. In the end, he became something more—a legend. Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami is the story of that evolution, as well as a chronicle of Miami's historic black community and the famed Fifth Street Gym. See why, without Miami, there might never have been a Muhammad Ali.

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Prohibition, an infamous era, one that made people rich.  Police were on the take, gangsters ruled and speakeasies were jam packed.  Bootleggers and rumrunners traveled the waterways between Florida and our Caribbean neighbors illegally transporting alcohol from 1919 to 1933.

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