Slideshow: West Palm Beach Marks The Holidays In Florida Fashion

Dec 27, 2012

City officials say the 35-foot-tall sand tree is a record breaker.
Credit Arianna Prothero

For the second year in a row, West Palm Beach has opted to decorate the city in a very South Florida fashion this holiday season.

Large, intricate holiday themed sand sculptures have been erected all down Clematis Street between Rosemary Avenue and the waterfront.

City of West Palm Beach spokesman Elliot Cohen said the sculptures have been more than festive, they've been good publicity. The largest sculpture is a 35-foot-tall Christmas tree made with 400 tons of sand.

"It's basically the largest sand castle tree that you're ever going to see," said Cohen. "It's been featured on NBC news, it's been featured on a lot of national publications. Because it's so unique and kind of cool, a lot of people are noticing."

The entire display is called Sand and Sea-Suns Greetings. All told, 600 tons of sand were used to construct a total of 7 sculptures.  The other smaller sculptures required a mere 15 to 25 tons of sand to build.

All 7 sculptures were created by Team Sandtastic, a company based out of Sarasota, FL.