Solar Co-Op Open For Business In Miami-Dade

Sep 6, 2018

Miami-Dade residents interested in installing solar panels can join a co-op this month that will help them through the process.

The organizers say the benefits of 'going solar' extend beyond reducing the carbon emissions that lead to climate change, global warming and sea-level rise.

"Is your roof creating your electricity?" asked Jody Finver, Miami-Dade coordinator for the Solar United Neighbors co-op. "If you can create it yourself, why would you pay somebody else?"

Finver’s group helps people who want to learn more and team up to get a group rate on solar panels and installation. The support is free.

Registration is open through Sept. 14 for the current co-op in Miami-Dade. For more information about the co-op process and other co-ops in South Florida, click here.

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