South Florida, Not The Best Place For Gamers

Jun 19, 2017

Bad news for South Florida gamers: we are NOT No. 1.

The financial website  WalletHub has come out with its list of best cities in the U.S. for gamers and we barely made it to the middle of the pack. They look at a few factors, including access to WiFi, nearby arcades, video games stores and the number of eSports tournaments

Playing video games is big business, and not just for companies. Video games now represent a $108-billion-a-year industry according to the Global Games Market Report. That outpaces the movie industry by more than $60 billion. It's also lucrative for players: eSports players can make six and seven figures playing video games for a living

Arcade Odyssey
Credit Luis Hernandez

But back to the best cities for gamers. Another city in Florida, Orlando, topped them all for having the highest marks in 'Gaming Environment' and 'Gamer and Developer Opportunities.'

Miami was not very high on that list. It barely made No.  53. What really hurt its final score was 'Internet Quality and Coverage.' Hialeah was even lower on the list at 94.

You can check out all the ranking in the list below: 

Source: WalletHub