South Florida's Flooding Problem, Hoping For TPS Extension, Teen Solution To Hurricane Damage

Nov 7, 2017

Today on Sundial: There's a new report from independent research firm Climate Central that looks at the 15 most at-risk cities in the US to sea-level rise. Of those 15 cities, 12 are in South Florida. We talk to WLRN's Kate Stein about that report, as well as how people in the region view the issue of flooding. Plus, we'll cover the upcoming ballot issue about the Miami Forever Fund.

The Department of Homeland Security decided to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for people from Nicaragua. There are people from Honduras, El Salvador, and Haitians also awaiting their status. We spoke with Catholic Legal Services about options and rights all of these folks need to know.

Sara Kaufman is a student at American Heritage School. She recently took second place in the Broadcom Masters, a national middle school STEM competition. She came up with an idea that might make our roofs more resilient to hurricane winds. 

Sara Kaufman created her own wind tunnel to test different types of roofs in high winds.