South Florida's Lip Service: 8 Writers, 8 Stories, in 8 Minutes

Dec 16, 2014

12/16/14 -  Tuesday's Topical Currents is a unique hour -- live readings of highly-personal true stories by South Florida's “Lip Service” group. 

Lip service is created by Andrea Askowitz and Esther Martinez

The award-winning lip service now in its eighth year.  And anyone can submit a true story, not just locals.  One  nun flew to Miami from Guatemala to read her 8-minute composition.  Others have been pole-dancers, fed-ex drivers, in-the-shower singers and grandads. But lip service isn’t haphazard.  There’s editing and lively rehearsals before the performances. Lip Service marks its 8 year anniversary with readings from "Badass, Lip Service: True Stories - The Double Album" by Andrea Askowitz, Esther Martinez-Kenniff, and Nicholas GarnettTopical Currents and lip service, Tuesday at 1pm.