A Stab in the Dark

Sep 23, 2018

8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama - Investigations into murder on the beautiful island of Saint Marie.


STAB IN THE DARK  A seance is held during the island's Fete Mouri festival, in an attempt to contact a murdered servant from 1850. However, while the door is closed and all the participants are holding hands, the owner of a rum distillery is murdered. The participants are convinced that the ghost of the servant has come back to kill, but Humphrey begins to seek an alternative explanation.  

   8:50pm SOUTH FLORIDA CRIME TO CRIME - History of true South Florida crimes. 

PREDICTIONS OF AN ASSASSAINATION - We investigate the South Floridian connection to one of the most talked about events in history.  The assassination of JFK! Two weeks before our nation's leader was brutally shot in Dallas, Texas, a super shady citizen of South Florida may have predicted the entire debacle and let the police in on what was he was thinking!