Summer 'Packs' Aim To Entertain Fort Lauderdale Kids During School Break

Jun 8, 2018

When Cardal Dobard received his “Summer Fun Pack” Friday, he smiled bright. Inside, he found a jump rope, frisbee, chalk, sunscreen and instructions for a number of outdoor games.

“I like my jump rope the most because it helps you exercise while having fun,” says Dobard, an elementary school-aged kid who lives in Fort Lauderdale.

He was one of 100 kids who received a bag of summer toys and games Friday at the Lighthouse Worship Center in Fort Lauderdale and a nearby park. The community’s bishop distributed them. HighTower Boca Raton, a fiduciary advising firm, led the initiative. 

“We want to help people who are in need," says Christopher Ure, the CEO of the firm. "This is where I go to church so giving back to the community is part of my values.”

Area parents were also pleased.

“I think it’s really nice, it’s a great opportunity for children to have a bag full of supplies to play with in the summer," says Destiny Dobard, Cardal's mother.

The packs are designed to be enjoyed with others.

“Everything that’s in the pack is certainly something that kids will need other kids to play with,” Ure says.

Another 100 bags will go to kids in summer programs affiliated with the church.