The Sunshine Economy: Homemade Guacamole

Sep 20, 2013

Guacamole made with Florida-grown avocados is on the left.
Credit Tom Hudson

Modern society has separated many of us from our food source. Sure, there are local field-to-table efforts and farmer’s markets, but it’s awful hard to know where all your food comes from.

Hillary Camber is a member of the WLRN-Miami Herald Public Insight Network. She’s one of those who likes to stay local with her grocery list.

Julia Kim wrote to us, “It's difficult to do in Miami, in particular when shopping at large chain grocery stores. Additionally, even many farmer’s markets are stocked with fruits and vegetables that come from out of state or Latin America.”

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Linda Gassenheimer prepares for the guacamole taste test.
Credit Tom Hudson

Aya Chacar from Miami tried staying local with her food purchases but found that “once we started eating local, we were more and more disappointed with the quality of what is in the supermarket. It does not feel fresh anymore and the quality deteriorates quickly.”

‪So we took on the taste challenge. Local products faced off against ingredients from all over the hemisphere. And this being football season, what better dish to use than guacamole. I asked WLRN contributor Linda Gassenheimer to help. I bought the ingredients, she did the preparation.

After we ate, I did the dishes.