The Sunshine Economy: MBA But Unemployed, 4 Years And Counting

Sep 11, 2013

Ian Kramer
Credit Tom Hudson

Odds are Ian Kramer should be working. He has a MBA from USC. He has experience in the cut throat  world of Miami real estate development. The unemployment rate for someone with his education is half that of the overall level. And real estate is rebounding with several residential high rises sprouting from once dormant stretches of land.

But Kramer has not found work in real estate in more than four years. Economists consider going more than 26 weeks without a regular paycheck as being long-term unemployed. Many studies have shown the longer someone goes without work, the more difficult it is for them to re-enter the workforce.

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Kramer knows this. He's frustrated by the process of looking for work but confident in his skills. His is but one voice out of thousands in South Florida who make up the unemployment statistics.

He spoke to the Sunshine Economy from his apartment in Aventura with his wife by his side. From his balcony, he can see a multi-million dollar condo development he helped build.

Despite having family here, he and his wife have talked about leaving South Florida for Houston or maybe back to Los Angeles where Kramer received his MBA. So far, they're staying put, continuing his search to find work in South Florida.