A Suspicious Suicide

Jun 10, 2019

Tuesday 8pm DEATH IN PARADISE - Crime Drama - Investigations of murders on the island of Saint-Marie.

  RUE MORGUE - Former surgeon Emma Redding is found dead in her own room at a local retirement home; her death thought to have been suicide. However, with Emma's friends and fiancé all saying that Emma had a lot to look forward to in her life, Humphrey begins to suspect that she was actually murdered. But murder is not the only thing is on Humphrey's mind.  



9pm SHAKESPEARE AND HATHAWAY: Private Investigators  Mystery/Comedy/Drama  Odd ball duo solves crimes in the English countryside. Toil and Trouble - As a local criminal pleads for his name to be cleared, clues lead to a controversial development.


Mayor Rexler is murdered and known criminal Billy the Brick is the chief suspect so Billy approaches Frank to clear his name. The mayor was launching an affordable housing scheme with property developer Victoria Cathness but was facing environmental protesters. However he appeared to have a change of heart, unlike politically ambitious new mayor Moses Abiola. With Billy's mother, the protest leader, things look bad for the him so Frank and Luella have to save him.