Tracking Venezuela, DeSant-O-Meter, To Dust Film & UM Football Coach

Mar 11, 2019

A nationwide blackout that has gone into its fifth day has Venezuelan people struggling for food and water. Two weeks after violent clashes on the border between Venezuela and Colombia, WLRN’s Digital Editor Teresa Frontado traveled to the area with a U.S. military flight to deliver medical supplies intended to be taken into Venezuela. Frontado joined Sundial to talk about her experience. 

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Politifact Florida has launched its DeSant-O-Meter, a tool that tracks whether the campaign promises made by Gov. Ron DeSantis are kept. Politifact Florida’s Amy Sherman joined Sundial to talk about some of the campaign promises made by the governor and how the tool will work and fact-check the state politicians.

University of Miami’s new football coach, Manny Diaz, has big plans for the team this year. He’s focused on reducing head injuries through special tackling techniques and recruiting some of the best talent locally. Sundial visited Coach Diaz at his offices at  the University of Miami and talked to him about his plans for the team.

The new film “To Dust” is a dark comedy that follows a Hasidic Jewisih man, played by actor Geza Rohrig, who loses his wife and is struggling with her return to the earth. He creates an unlikely partnership with a community college biology professor played by Matthew Broderick. The director is a South Florida native, Shawn Snyder, and the movie was made in dedication to his mother who passed away a few years ago. Snyder and Rohrig joined Sundial to talk about the movie's main themes: grief, faith, death and family. 

Watch the trailer of the film "To Dust."